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Silver Sticks Champs!

Congratulations to the Pee Wee A team for their win in their Silver Sticks Regionals last weekend. The Rangers, coached by Ted Heintz, went 4-0 for the tournament, including an exciting 4-3 overtime win in the finals over the Wonderland Wizards.

With the win, Rye advances to the International Finals Jan. 10-13 in Pelham, Ontario.

Congratulations to players, coaches, and parents!



by posted 12/05/2018
A Rye Ranger @ MSG

Rye Rangers Squirt A goalie James Cragin had the thrill of a lifetime Monday night when he was able to stand for the national anthem at MSG alongside Rangers legend Henrik Lundqvist. Thanks to the Rangers and the Cragin family for these remarkable images.


by posted 11/19/2018
International Guests

A handful of Rye Ranger teams were able to enjoy a weekend entertaining guests from Reyjavik, Iceland as part of our deepening relationship with hockey clubs there. After Pee Wees and Bantams took part in a joint Nates practice session with our visitors on Friday, teams squared off in two head-to-head games on Saturday. The weekend will conclude with an intrasquad scrimmage on Sunday.

Thanks to all the Rye Rangers families who hosted players from Iceland this weekend, and to board member Rob Dorfman for his tireless efforts in making the visit a success.

(Photos by Aileen Brown: Above Pee Wee As & Björninn; Below: Bantam As & Björninn)


by posted 11/04/2018
For Every Level Of Player


The Rye Rangers offers programs for every level of player, from beginners to adults. Below is a breakdown of our different programs. Please email for more information.


Mite (8U)

The Rye Rangers have four levels of instruction in our 8U program so there is a progression from one year to the next. All of our levels work on each individual player's overall skill development in a fast-paced, energetic and fun manner.

Junior clinic

The entry point into ice hockey for most players, this is for players who have recently learned to skate. Ice sessions are typically Sunday mornings at the Playland studio rink.


Mite ADM

Named after USA Hockey’s groundbreaking American Development Model, our Mite ADM program offers station-based instruction in skating, stickhandling, and shooting fundamentals. Clinics are typically on both weekend mornings.


Mite Minor

The next level of progression from Mite ADM, Mite Minor continues station-based instruction on the weekend, along with midweek intramural games and cross-ice games against other programs.


Mite A

Our Mite A team continues to emphasize skill development, and is also entered in the Chelsea Piers Connecticut cross-ice league game.

Squirts (10U)

The first year of full-ice hockey, with a continued strong emphasis on skill development. Our teams compete in the Hudson Valley Hockey League.


Pee Wees (12U)

Skill development remains a priority, with increased attention to team concepts. Teams also compete in the Hudson Valley Hockey League. Our Pee Wee A-Tournament Bound team is eligible for the New York State Tournament at season’s end.


Bantam (14U)

The first level of full checking. Teams also compete in the Hudson Valley Hockey League, with our Bantam A-Tournament Bound team also eligible for the New York State Tournament.


Midgets (16U & 18U)

Midget teams play a truncated schedule from late August through November to accommodate school hockey schedules.


Men’s hockey

Adult pick-up hockey typically on Thursday nights and weekend mornings, with some game opportunities against other programs.


General skating

Open skate sessions, with no sticks or pucks, typically on Friday and Sunday afternoons.


by posted 09/10/2018
Throwback Pictures

Thanks to Ray Burke, a proud Rye Rangers alumnus and now a Squirt coach, for digging up these team pictures from the 1980s. It's worth noting several of the coaches and players in these pictures -- (a decidedly-less gray) Rocky Shepard, Mark Finnegan, Sam Weinman, Ray Burke, and others -- are all still active coaches in the program.











by posted 08/30/2017
Rye Rangers Good Skate Award

On December 15, 2001, the Rye Rangers staged a memorial hockey game and fundraiser for the families of the three members of the club who died in the tragedy at the World Trade Center.  These individuals are Tommy Palazzo, Teddy Maloney, and Ward Haynes. The day was a huge success.

At the Rye Rangers Memorial Cup, we dedicated an award called the “Good Skate Award.”  What struck each of us as we remembered our friends was how genuinely good they were, how helpful they were to their friends, how loving they were with their families, and, generally, how much fun they were to be around.  In rink jargon, each one was what you might call a “good skate.”  A black granite trophy with an imbedded silver skate was created by one of our members, Gerry Baum, to remind us of this goodness and to inspire us to be better individuals.

The inscription on the Good Skate Award states that it is to be: “Presented annually to the member of the Rye Rangers Hockey Club voted by his/her peers as best epitomizing the human goodness of these special individuals.  It shall be forever known as the “Good Skate Award.”  Its enduring legacy is to serve as a reminder that we are all better human beings for having shared our lives, both on and off the ice, with these guys.”  

The past deserving recipients have been:

2002    Rocky Shepard
2003    Kevin Burke
2004    Bart Lawrence
2005    Frank Effinger
2006    Diane Holmes
2007    Jerry Baum
2008    Jay Altmeyer
2009    Marty Clague
2009    Bob Tucker
2010    Thom O'Grady
2011    Rich Guthrie
2012    Steve & Sharon Ketchabaw
2013    Eric Budke
2014    Peter S Duncan
2015    Mark Finnegan
2016    Bill Steers
2017    Rob Dorfman
2018    Sam Weinman



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